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Thoughts on Microfinance

April 15, 2010
Thinking about Ladder Project outworkings, it was interesting to read the article below and get a feel for the way Microfinance has been used by fat cats for profit.

Stuff like this makes it all the more important that we establish connections with reputable people and organisations who are out to do the right thing above all else.

Despite its saintly aura, microfinancing is dominated by larger banks that often charge high interest rates.


7th Nov: Pre-Launch Cocktail Party/Fund-Raising Event

October 26, 2009



For the last 6 months the Ladder Project team has been investigating how ordinary Kiwis can have a lasting impact on addressing (and reducing) poverty in NZ and aboard. Phase one of the project is nearly complete and we are celebrating. While we are at it, we want to take the opportunity to help out others. This will also be a special night as we are doubling our party as a fund-raiser with all proceeds going to help flood victims in the Philippines. Tickets $15 each.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: For every dollar we raise one benefactor will match it. So PLEASE helps us spread the word! The more tickets we sell, the more we can contribute.

RSVP by 4th Nov. to
Formal Dress required

Rewind: Speaker Series

October 25, 2009

If you missed the last speaker series click below to listen to Paul Vink share his insights with the project.

Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

The shaping of things to come

October 15, 2009

Come join us MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY! Sorry I can’t contain my excitement. On Monday 19 October 8PM @ the Ramsey House we are wrapping up the speaker series with our guest Paul Vink. Paul has been working and studying the ways to implement new development strategies. What I am trying to say is he offer’s a unique and creative perspective on development. We are currently refining and drafting proposals to work through with Paul. The night will be very interactive and help to get our feet on the ground running. Come and join us as we take the next step into action.

Refining the proposals

September 27, 2009

We have mentioned all along that the goal of the ladder project is to do something and well its time to produce a couple rough draft proposals. Our last speaker wants to help us choose which to focus on and how to make it a reality.  We currently have to on the table that are being developed, do you have an idea to add? Want to be apart of what happens next. Join us tonight (28 Sep) at 8 PM in the VIC Library on the 4th Floor. We will continue to refine the ideas and draft our proposal. Don’t miss our next speaker Paul Vink helps direct us into getting practical.

The Dawn

September 17, 2009

number 4We are approaching the forth and final rung of the Ladder Project. Feels like we are just beginning to walk.

Like always we are meeting on Monday 8pm level 4 Vic Uni library to discuss the where to next in our journey toward creating a infinite change for good in the world. Would be great to see you there.

Between now and then I thought you might be stimulated by these recent thoughts from Seth Godin

The problem with non

Non as in non-profit.

The first issue is the way you describe yourself. I know what you’re not but what are you?

Did you start or join this non-profit because of the non part? I doubt it. It’s because you want to make change. The way the world is just isn’t right or good enough for you… there’s an emergency or an injustice or an opportunity and you want to make change.

Read the full post here

The Third Rung

September 10, 2009

andrew.mcgregor The 3rd Rung! Come hear the third speaker of the Ladder Project: Dr. Andrew McGregor Monday at 8PM Ramsey House, 8 Kelburn Parade. Dr. McGregor is a senior lecturer of Development Studies at Victoria University. He will be addressing the challenges facing devevolpment in South East Asia. He has quite a lot of relevant experience including recently writing the book Southeast Asian Development. Sound like a relevant speaker? Yeah we thought so too. Click here for more information. You don’t want to miss out, his students rave about his lectures. If you have any questions or need more information please feel free to contact us. See you there and as always, happy climbing.