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About Us

Who are we? It may or may not be the first thing that was running through your mind. We are not an organization, not yet anyway. We are a group of friends in Wellington with a growing conviction of our connection to the world compounded with our lack of awareness of the problems affecting it. The tipping point came when our friend from Wellington spent 3 months serving the orphans of Ethiopia. Her stories reached across the world and inspired us to move into the global neighborhood.

What do we believe? Bigger question than this page but we do believe one person can  make an infinite change. Though we may not know the exact natureof the endeavor(s) that will result from the Ladder Project, we do know from the giants that have gone before us (Teresa, King, Sheppard, Mandela, etc) that it is possible for one person to achieve an infinite impact on the world. One person doesn’t achieve this alone, but it only takes one willing person to start change.

Part of the motivation behind the Ladder Project is the notion we want to be the people who can claim they attempted to do somethign to “better” the world. Our hope is that by us putting one foot forward, we can inspire others to do the same and join us in being the change we want to see in the world.

The faces: Benn Crawford, Justin Blass, Lacey Blass, Nathanael Baker, Luke Crawford and Adam Weir constitute the beginning of the team. Below you will find a brief bio and a summary of their reasons for creating The Ladder Project.

Benn Crawford – A film enthusiast who has a crush on all female ID professionals, Benn holds a BBS from Massey University, Wellington, and is currently employed within the coffee industry. Benn joined the Ladder Project inspired by the idea ‘one person:infinite change’, and terrified by the thought that if he didn’t start to live this in his 20’s, he wouldn’t become the person he wanted to be in his 40’s.

Justin Blass – Has been on twitter without a posting a tweet more than once a month, Justin holds a BS in Engineering from Northern Illinois University. Other than writing partially emo blogs about life in the suburbs, he wants to live life to the brim, life that spills over into more life. Having trouble going on with life aware of others’ needs, Justin joined the ladder project with a strong desire to help, in whatever shape it takes.

Lacey Blass – As a lover of trying new restaurants, reading books by the waterfront, and all things baking; Lacey spends her time trying to blend into her Kiwi surroundings while not denying her American-ness. She has a Literature degree from the States, and is hoping to begin her Master’s in 2010. She is married and loving it, and currently working as an admin assistant in Newtown. The Ladder is something that sparks Lacey’s being as she seeks to understand life’s journey  with others; and experiencing humanity at it’s best

Nathanael Baker – Addicted to coffee since he was 16. Nathanael has a BA in history and politics and BA (Hons) in Politics. Nathanael likes rising to big challenges, and has an interest in the world around him and how it all works. His life goal is to leave everything better off than how it started. Tired of complaining, Nathanael has decided that he wants to be the change in the world.

Luke Crawford – As someone committed to never standing still for long, and being conscious of life’s tendency to pass us by, I have adopted the view to take opportunities as they arise and to follow my dreams. This lead me to leave school early, get a diploma in hospitality and embark on a career that has taken me around the world.  After seeing many different cultures and meeting people from vastly different walks of life, I’ve come to realise that for many of us, the world is not a nice, safe or happy place. As Kiwi’s living in New Zealand, we are easily blinded and distracted by our busy lives to the harsh realities that a lot of people face in our broken societies. If we stop and take the time to add a few nuts and bolts to make this world run a bit smoother for people in need, it’ll be worth the effort.

Adam Weir – Born early 80’s in NZ, educated in 9 different schools, BA (History and Political Science) with Honours (Political Science) from Victoria University, Married without kids. Drawn to The Ladder Project by commitment to leaving the world a better place than I found it.

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