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  • Why do something? All of us would most likely give you slightly different answers.  That isn’t the point for us. Your why may be greatly different from ours. We are willing to walk alongside others with all sorts of different “Why’s.”  We hope our lives and actions answer this question. Please feel free to ask any of us why we are doing something. But for some of our thoughts check this out.
  • Why a Speakers Series? It’s ultimately about connecting with other people who share the conviction to be part of the solution, or who want to develop this conviction. We want to learn from others who have researched and entered into this discussion and demonstration. The speaker series isn’t to just stimulate our intellect but to provide the building blocks to move towards an effort. Part of our understanding of humanity is that we often learn from trial and error. Not wanting to start from scratch we want to know where others have tried and what they have learned. We want to help take the discussion to the next rung, improve on the efforts of the trailblazers. We are looking for insight and welcome others on this quest to walk with us.
  • Why South-East Asia? The selection of South-East Asia as the geographical area of focus is the result of STUB’s ethical emphasis on relationship creation. New Zealand as a wealthy, western nation is best placed to serve and assist those communities with whom it is in close economic, geographic and social contact. New Zealanders have easier access to Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India than many other developing nations, and relations with Thailand in particular are helped by the huge number of Kiwi tourists who holiday there. In the future, STUB may seek to create relationships with local implementing communities and there is advantage in doing this with geographically close nations.
  • Who are STUB? You may hear/see the word ‘STUB’ thrown around here and there. STUB, orginally known as ‘student hub’, is a group of like minded individuals connected through Mosaic that began wanting to empower students and 20 somethings to make an impact next door and on the world. The question was how. After many conversations an idea finnally emerged and The Ladder Project was born. You can read more of our story here.
  • Why base The Ladder Project at Victoria University? Two of the participants in the Ladder Project are enrolled or will be enrolled in University at Victoria. Victoria also provides a strong base with renown development program and students interested in making an impact around the globe. It is a place where fresh minds and passion meets experience and wisdom and it has the potential to be a breeding ground for postive change. Being based in Wellington it seemed to be the “logical” starting point with the hopes to see that potential unleashed.
  • How do I get involved? You can read more about how you could get involved here.
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