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Idea Storm

This page is set up for input. Input from you. Perhaps you came to one of the speaker series or maybe just listened online or maybe you come to everything. This page is set up to hear ideas that have sparked along the way or questions you have. Share them below. This is an idea storm so make some noise don’t worry if its not yet a complete thought.

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  1. slimjustice permalink*
    September 10, 2009 8:05 am

    We sat in a poverty lecture at Victoria and a student stood up; her accent was thick but she spoke clearly. You could tell she had a “heart” interest in the conversation. She shared that she was here in NZ to learn so that she could assist in the development of her world back home. I don’t know if she was from a village or had strong family culture at home, but it sparked me at least to think: what if people from the villages are here? What if there are people right here in Wellington that are connected to some of the poorest places on earth?

    The spark: We have been calling it a “learning community.” Essentially connecting communities that develop a friendship, a meaningful relationship where they share insights and questions with one another. Is this concept new? Probably not, but can we bring innovation and fresh perspective? Definitely.

    How would it work? Its starts right here in NZ meeting international students. This may prove to be the hardest part. Finding a student from the village in Victoria who is interested in living and learning from Kiwi Culture. We would essentially offer the student a place to live amongst us and be a part of our community while they are studying in NZ. We explain with the student our intentions and motivation behind the effort. That we want to help and maybe friendship is the place to start.

    If the student is interested in forming this bond between communities we then start putting practical communications and framework in place (i.e. technology, times, respectful modes of communication). In practice we desire someone from our community to then travel back to that person’s village: To live amongst them for a period of time. Learn from them and establish a deep bond between communities.

    From there on the dialogue will hopefully lead to more ways in which we can help one another. For example if they are experiencing water problems we could be a sounding board for ideas and help work out a good way forward. We would always be interested in hearing their stories, listening to their wisdom.

    Challenges (May include): Not a fast solution. Not a clear solution. High risk and low turn around. Will it actually make a difference in anyone’s life? Is it empowering?


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