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The Speaker Series

the sheildThe Speaker Series comprises the major stepping stones for the Ladder Project. A main value of the Ladder Project is learning from others, especially the more experienced. While the Speaker Series makes up a significant chunk of our activity, it does not comprise the whole of our attempt and we don’t believe just listening to four speakers will adequately prepare us to launch an effort. To find out more info on The Ladder Project take a look here.

Each session of the speaker series was strategically picked to enable an effort in the fight against poverty. The Speaker Series is perhaps the most accesible part of the Ladder Project and we honestly hope that if you are committed  or interested in joing this fight, you will join us or atleast come check out what these speakers have to say.

{The Rungs of the Ladder}
All sessions @ 8PM at the Ramsey House (located on 8 Kelburn Parade). The details of the speaker series are set out below.

1. Entering the conversation: Poverty & Development on 20 July 2009.
Speaker: Ben Thirkell-WhiteAcademic Staff, School of Humanities & Social Sciences.

{Understanding the basic overview of poverty. The different types of poverty and glance at mitigation methods of theories.}

2. Below the surface: History of Poverty in Southeast Asia on 17 August 2009.

{A serious look at the major causing factors that have played a part in the history of poverty in Southeast Asia.}

Speaker: Carla Bently – Development Researcher, completed her thesis on the subject.

3. Getting Intimate: Facing the Challenges in Southeast Asia on 14 September 2009.
Speaker: Andrew McGregor – Author & Senior Lecturer, School of Geography

{A look into the particular challenges and methods used in Southeast Asia.}

4. The Push: Ideas to Action Workshop on 19 October 2009.
Speaker: Paul Vink – Devolpment Implementation Facilitator

{Where all the ingredients are mixed and we get practical.}

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